Take a look at various events and festivals celebrated at Trimbakeshwar in the year 2019

Sinhashta Kumbhmela

Sinhahsta Kumbhmela is the best event in Trimbakeshwar when the Planet Jupiter is in Leon Zodiac, Sinhashta Kumbhmela takes place in Trimbakeshwar.At the same time of devotees, saints and ascetics participates in the Kumbhmela which takes place once within twelve year. Trimbakeshwar is the only place in South India where the Sinhashta Kumbhmela takes place.During the same period so many devotees,saints and ascetics pay visit to Shri. Trimbakeshwar to have Darshan as well takes holy bath in “Kushavarta Kunda”(A holy tank of Godavari river). There are same auspicious dates called as “Parwani”(a rare and auspicious period as per Hindu chronology)


Gurukrupa Niwas,opposite Niranjani Akhada, Shri Swami Samartha Ring Road, Trimbakeshwar, Nashik - 422212

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